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Champions Of Kamigawa Magic The Gathering: Kodama Of The North Tree (First 4 Figures, Hasbro, Wizards Of The Coast, 2005)

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  • First4Figures has created an insanely detailed resin statue of a character from the Magic The Gathering series. This character is Kodama of the North Tree. 
  • The card the statue is based off, is from the Champions of Kamigawa edition of cards.
  • This nicely detailed figure is a limited edition. Only 5,000 pieces were made. 
  • The statue came with a authenticity card, and a unique number under the statues base. 
  • The number on the base is very faded. I can make out either 1836, or 1856. 
  • Condition: Statue, and Card of authenticity only. The box was damaged and discarded. Statue is in good condition. Opened for the first time three months ago, and displayed. The statue is from 2005 and it shows when it comes to assembling. I was able to assemble and display for the photos, however getting the tail and the tongue in place was tricky. 
  • Height: Statue is 9” tall
  • Please Note: We always carefully package our orders, however because this is a very heavy and fragile, we will put extra care into this when it is shipped.
  • If you’re in the Miami area, local delivery is available at checkout.