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Nintendo Fun Club News Vol 2 Issue 6 (April/May, 1988)

Nintendo Fun Club News Vol 2 Issue 6 (April/May, 1988)

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  • At the beginning of 1988, Nintendo had 3 big titles in Mega Man, Contra and Wizards and Warriors all releasing within a few months of this issue coming out.  Once again, the newsletter retains the style and format of the previous 2 issues but the back of the Game Pak Wish List has the first mention of the new magazine that will release later in the year.  Nintendo had to know the time to strike was around this time with such big titles like Metal Gear, Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros 2 and Zelda 2 all releasing by the end of 1988 and both EGM and Gamepro launching within a year, they wanted to get their magazine out first to beat the magazine competition to the market.

  • Speaking of Zelda 2, this issue contains the first big feature of the game.  These days saying Zelda 2 is a good game is pretty common among retro gamers, for many years it was the black sheep of the franchise.  At the time of the magazine though, Zelda 2 was one of the biggest releases for the system.  Reading the feature would make anyone who played the first game just ache for the chance to play this new and unique Zelda game.  There are also a few great ads in the newsletter and as I mentioned, the first mention of the magazine that will become Nintendo Power.  In the issue we also get the description of Mario Bros. 2 that describes the game we would see in America as well as an extended review of Double Dragon.


  • The next issue will be the final Nintendo Fun Club news before we get introduced to the magazine that defined a generation, Nintendo Power! Enjoy the issue and Play With Power!

  • Condition: Book shows some wear. 

  • The magazine is available to read for FREE: HERE (Internet Archive)
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