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Saint Seiya Action Saints, Bronze Saints (Japanese Version, Bandai, 2004)

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  • This is a full set of the Bronze Saints from the Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) Action Saints toy line from 2004 by Bandai. 
  • These are the original Japanese run of figures. 
  • Saint Seiya is known as Knights Of The Zodiac in the U.S around the year it was released. 
  • The set includes Pegasus Cloth (Pegasus Seiya), Cygnus Cloth (Swan Hyoga), Dragon Cloth (Dragon Shiryu), Phoenix Cloth (Phoenix Ikki), and Andromeda Cloth (Andromeda Shun)
  • They each come with their respective Zodiac. 
  • Condition: Like new, in original packaging (unopened) some wear and damage (most noticeable shown in pictures.)
  • Height: Each figure is about 5 Inches tall
  • You will receive all five figures.