Hey! A new blog page!

Hey! A new blog page!

Hi! I see you stumbled on to our new blog page. 

My name is Brian and I run The Nostalgia Den with my girlfriend Ayleen. 

Whether it was through one of our posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Ko-Fi, or through our websites home page, Thank you for taking the time to click and give this a read. 

After all this time, I've finally started the blog! This is where I'll be able to talk about what Ayleen and I have been up to with The Nostalgia Den, talk about the community, updates on the shop, and maybe even spill our opinions on some ugly practices in the retro game, anime store, collectible store community. 

Anyway, just wanted to finally get this started. 

I'll be posting updates here soon! Enjoy Mario & Luigi dancing. 

                                 Mario & Luigi Dancing

BY THE WAY! I beat Halo Infinite during the holiday weekend and was in love. 

(This is a screenshot I took early in the games story) 


What was your game of the year in 2021???

Leave a comment if you have one. 


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