Who are we?

We're a small vintage toy/videogame/anime store that cares greatly for the history and preservation of old toys and games from your childhood or back when your parents were kiddos. We aim to offer quality and affordable nostalgic and modern collectibles to all of you.

  • Receive

    Most of our second hand items are traded to us by previous owners, or we find them at yard sales, flea markets and swap meets.

  • Restore/Clean/Repair

    All of the second hand items we receive are restored by us in some way, whether its a surface clean of a figurine, deep clean of a video game cartridge, or a full on repair of a video game system. We make sure it's ready for you.

  • Photoshoot & Listing

    Once its all cleaned up and ready, Ayleen will come and take awesome high quality photos so you can inspect for yourself, and shop comfortably and with confidence.

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