Collection: Featured Artist: Hybrid Tile

Here we'll feature a local artists work up on our website for about a month or until they sell out! This month we feature three beautiful mosaics by Hybrid Tile. 


Hybrid Tile is the art handle for artist Elizabeth Alvarez.

Elizabeth has been a Mosaic artist for about 13 years. 

She was introduced to the art of mosaics in 2008 while she was dealing with her struggles in High School where she was trying to find where she belonged and struggled with her sexuality. 

She expressed her feelings to her mosaics teacher, who then helped her find a safe space in the art of mosaics. 

Through that class, and her love for comics and Video Games she was able to express herself in a unique and healing way. 

This art has changed her life for the better and she wishes to share that with you all. 

Learn more about Ellie on her Instagram handle @Hybridtile



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