About Us

Who is The Nostalgia Den?!

The Nostalgia Den is a small online shop that strives to make all vintage, nostalgic collectibles such as old Masters Of The Universe figures, Strawberry Shortcake Figurines, Nintendo 64 stuff and so much more  available to the world! 

We've eventually branched out to importing neat Anime, and Video Game collectibles from Japan such as Japanese Nintendo Famicom games, Banpresto figures and Statues, Exclusive Gundam Model Kits, Apparel and many other neat collectibles!

We always clean and maintain our second hand goods! They're always either refurbished, washed, restored or tested if they have functions. 

Who runs this place? 

Well.. I'll introduce us! 

My name is Brian, and I run this whole operation with my amazing other half Ayleen

I (Brian) handle all the video game, toy, and collectible repairs and restorations, run the website, handle all the shipping, local deliveries, and all the boring legal stuff! 

Ayleen is the star of the biz! She is the Photographer, handles 90 percent of Social Media, handles most of the Kawaii stuff like Sanrio, Ghibli, and Anime stock, and pretty much the creative brain. If it weren't for Ayleen the shop would probably be boring and our social media activity would be simple and boring. 

We stream on Instagram and Popshop Live, and love making our viewers laugh and have fun. We try to provide a great customer service experience, and are very transparent on how we operate. 

I have a love for toy and video game history, I try to provide as much info as I can when I list a vintage item, like the year it was released when I can find it, or even little fun facts every now and then. 

I also have a huge love for Godzilla, and Lil ol' Kewpie

Ayleen is an incredible photographer, She provides all the awesome fancy photos found all over the page! She's always coming up with great new ideas on how to keep our little business interesting and finding new fun ways on how to interact with all of you!

When she isn't working she spends most of her free time playing Left 4 Dead and plans to stream soon for fun!

Also she loves Rilakkuma!


I want to give a special thank you to the Rockstar's who helped us achieve our goal and find our image! 

Julio: One of my closest friends who helped me find the awesome name for the shop and also started to build the website for me while I focused on other things to help jumpstart the shop. He helped me learn how to use Shopify and since then I've learned a lot more!

Michelle: The incredible artist and Graphic Designer behind our beautiful logo, and overall style of the shop. Without her we probably wouldn't have a nice theme and would probably be using a generic logo I made in Paint.

Michelle and I have been friends since grade school, and I'm grateful for that.  


Thank you both from Ayleen and Myself for being such a huge part of the shops growth! 

Without them we wouldn't have the look and identity we have now. 

Also a big thank you to our first supporters who have stuck with us from the beginning!


Like our business, we hope to see our humble team grow! Please join us as our family continues to strive and get bigger.