About Us

The Nostalgia Den

The Nostalgia Den is a small online shop, that strives to make all retro collectibles, affordable. Clean, and maintained second hand goods are what we pride in. Always refurbished, washed, restored and/or tested. Started from a small room, and a love for retro, we're on year 3 of bringing you the greatest in collector items, at amazing prices.


Brian & Ayleen partner to bring you The Nostalgia Den. 

Brian's expertise on Video Games, Toys, Collectibles, Repairs, and Restorations brings you all the amazing collectibles at an amazing price. Brian handles shipping, local deliveries, and legalities. 

Ayleen's expertise on Photography, Social Media, Graphics, & Advertising brings you the the amazing layout of all content for The Nostalgia Den. She also provides amazing product layout at local conventions. 


 We pride on our restoration process, giving you history on products, and of course, never price gouging on the nostalgic retro collectibles we so long to return to our collection.  As collectors ourselves, we strive to bring you the cheapest in collector items, and amazing customer service. Follow us on social media to nerd out with us! 

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