Our June Calendar - See what's coming up!!

Our June Calendar - See what's coming up!!

It's June and we're BUSYYY!

We've got so many great things planned for this month and we want you all to know what's happening 

We're very excited to announce that we'll be back on weekly sale streams on our Instagram Live and Whatnot pages

What do we do during the live streams? Offer you live deals of course! most of the time there will be items that are not listed on the website, so its a good chance to get some new items at a reduced price before they go live on our website. 

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What else? Well we have two local events we'll be attending and they're both at New Era Collectibles. 

There's the Power Rangers themed Night Market on the 10th

and a monthly Super Smash Bros. Tournament that we now attend as vendors. For June the event will be on the 24th. 

Check out the neat little event calendar directly below for times dates and where to find us!

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Can’t wait! Hope it all goes well for you guys this summer. 😎😎


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