Sharing Our Personal Collection: Special Edition Barbie Doll from Kraft Treasures (1992)

Sharing Our Personal Collection: Special Edition Barbie Doll from Kraft Treasures (1992)

We all know Barbie don't we? 
I figured in celebration of the upcoming Barbie film by Greta Gerwig, why not show off one of the vintage Barbie's in our collection?? Well its a cheesy one! A Kraft Exclusive Mac and Cheese themed Barbie! But first.... lets talk about Barbie.
Barbie Animated Sticker (Background is a Beach)
So who is Barbie? Barbie is a fashion doll created by Ruth Handler in 1959. 
Ruth Handler, creator of the Barbie doll, c. 1992. Courtesy of the Schlesinger Library, Harvard Radcliffe Institute.
(Ruth Handler, creator of the Barbie doll, c. 1992. Courtesy of the Schlesinger Library, Harvard Radcliffe Institute.)
Barbie was based off a German Toy Doll called Bild Lilli that Ruth came across during a trip to Europe she went on with her family in 1956.
Ruth wanted to create a toy for young girls after seeing her daughter play with paper dolls and realizing that there was a huge gap in the toy market between toys for boys, and toys for girls (If you could even consider paper dolls, toys)
This Bild Lilli doll was her chance to share the idea of an adult figured doll that you can dress up would be perfect for young girls to Mattel, considering that her daughter loved giving her paper dolls adult roles. 
Initially they weren't very happy with the idea, but after bringing back the Bild Lilli doll and making some changes to it with the help of a local inventor and designer Jack Ryan, and naming her Barbie, it became history from there! 
I can go on forever about Barbie's history but all you really need to know is that she is now a fashion icon and a great role model to young children everywhere. Barbie has opened a whole new world of imagination and dreams to young children by allowing Barbie to be whatever they want her to be. 
Original 1959 Barbie Dolls
(Original 1959 Barbie Dolls)
Fast forward to 1992 where Barbie has had many outfits, careers, and featured in lots of animated shows and books. 
Kraft worked alongside Mattel to create an exclusive Barbie doll with her own unique outfit and style for Kraft's Kraft Treasures shop. 
Kraft Treasures was a point system shop where you would use points collected from boxes of Kraft products to redeem Kraft exclusive toys, plush, and this Barbie doll! 
Our Kraft Exclusive Barbie Doll
(Here she is! In her very cheesy but beautiful outfit)
This Barbie doll is in a 80's early 90's style outfit rocking the Kraft logo colors. 
She has a neat red vest, beautiful red earrings, a blue extremely cheesy sun hat, a round red ring, and blue eye makeup to match. 
Closeup of the Barbie logo on Barbies shirt
(Close-up of the neat pattern on her skirt, and the Barbie logo on her shirt)
This Barbie is also rocking a very rad long sleeve white patterned shirt with Cheesasaurus Rex on the center, beautiful red sneakers, and a neat patterned skirt. 
Close Up of the Kraft Mac and Cheese bag Barbie holds
(Close up of Barbie's Kraft Treasures Bag)
Finally, Barbie has her own yellow and red Kraft Treasures bag with velvet blue strap. 
Barbie also came with a red brush for her hair. 
I really hope you all enjoyed reading this and admiring this fun Barbie doll. There are many wonderful Barbie dolls out there and I may show more in the future. 
Stay tuned for more toy features either from our shop, or from our personal collection. 
Do you have a favorite Barbie look? Tell us in the comments!
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Thank you for sharing this, I used to have this doll and wish I could still see it in person. My favorite doll growing up was Western Barbie, she looked a lot like my mother so I really adored that one. Please show that one some day if you ever come across it. Cheers!


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