Simpsons Mayhem!! (Latest trades and inventory 4-26-23)

Simpsons Mayhem!! (Latest trades and inventory 4-26-23)

Simpsons Mayhem!

Our latest batch of trades and inventory added to the shop!

Homer yelling Woo-Hoo!

Update time! So we recently received a big trade that included many things from these neat Digimon Walkie Talkies, to an amazing collection of The World of Springfield playsets and figures. 

Lets start with the batch of non Simpson's items

Collage of a Kenny from South Park Plush, Rainbow Brite Doll, Queens Blade Figure, Digimon Walkie Talkies, Aladdin Clock, and Spawn vehicle

In our latest batch we received many goods, lots of plush that didn't even make it to the site with how quick they sold. This included a small collection of Rainbow Brite dolls, a vintage Minnie Mouse doll, and a Donkey Kong plush. What did survive however was this adorable 1983 Rainbow Brite doll and 2008 Kenny McCormick plush

Rainbow Brite and Sprites

Also in this collection were a neat pair of Digimon Walkie Talkies shaped as Tai with Agumon on his back. There was also a Vintage Aladdin alarm clock we got working, a Queens Blade figure, and an old Spawn Mobile from the original set.

Bart vibing 

Finally lets move on to the main reason we made the update blog!

This great collection of World of Springfield Playsets and figures. 

collage of a handful of Simpsons Figures and sets available

A total of 14 Playsets, and 24 figures were included in our latest trade and we could not have been more excited to share these. 

Ayleen did a great job capturing how beautiful these sets are in the photos. 

They all have multiple neat slots where you'd place your character, and the playset would then make a sound, or voice depending on who was placed on that slot. 

Very neat collection. These toys were originally released in 2000, and ran up to 2004. 

You can view our Simpsons collection HERE

We hope you'll take a look at our latest goods, and remember to check in on our Instagram, where our stories will be the best way to see what's going on, and maybe even see us cleaning and restoring toys and video games that will be coming to the online store, think of it as an official Nostalgia Den Sneak Peek.


More items coming very soon! Including some Sailor Moon Plushies, vintage Flintstones and Popeye figurines, a GameCube, 3DS XL Mario & Luigi edition, and more! (All currently getting cleaned and some restored)

Thanks for reading! See ya on the next update!


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