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Kids Club Water Mates: Boating Snaps (Burger King, 1991)

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  • As part of Burger Kings Kids Club, they released a limited set of four toys called Water Mates which included four of the Kids Club members.
  • Lingo on a Jetski, Rafting Wheels with his Hovercraft, Boating Snaps, and IQ & His Dolphin. 
  • This listing is for Boating Snaps. 
  • Condition: Loose Snaps Figure, No Boat. 
  • Height: About 2 inches tall. 
  • A little history on these kids: The Burger King Kids Club was a multi-ethnic group of cartoon kids that appeared from 1989-1999 in children's advertisements for Burger King and also Burger King called their kids meals "Kids Club Meal"